lymphatic periarterial sheath

lymphatic periarterial sheath
лимфатическое периартериальное влагалище

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  • periarterial lymphatic sheath — periarteriolar lymphatic sheath, periarteriolar lymphoid sheath (PALS) any of the sheaths of lymphatic tissue surrounding the arteries that have left the splenic trabeculae; the sheaths are mainly composed of T lymphocytes, at intervals expanding …   Medical dictionary

  • sheath — 1. Any enveloping structure, such as the membranous covering of a muscle, nerve, or blood vessel. Any sheathlike structure. SYN: vagina (1). 2. The prepuce of male animals, especially of the horse. 3. A specially designed tu …   Medical dictionary

  • plexus — A network or interjoining of nerves and blood vessel s or of lymphatic vessels. [L. a braid] abdominal aortic (nervous) p. [TA] an autonomic p. surrounding the abdominal aorta, directly continuous with the thoracic aortic p. superiorly and …   Medical dictionary

  • PALS — Abbreviation for periarterial lymphatic sheath. * * * parietolateral lymphocyte sheath; Patient Advocacy and Liaison Service; pediatric advanced life support; prison acquired lymphoproliferative syndrome * * * periarteriolar lymphoid sheath …   Medical dictionary